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Alsayyed Design

Alsayyed Design was established in 2014 in Istanbul as an extension to its legacy company, Alsayyed Gold, which has a history of jewelry Manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing in Palestine since 1984.

Alsayyed has significant experience of doing business internationally with highly professional and result oriented team, and can provide proactive business support in the arena of global supply chain in jewelry industry.

The coverage of the company's business encompasses Designing with creativity, Manufacturing with the state-of-the-art technology and skillsets, and Delivering our expertise and technical support to our clients. We are one of the few jewelry designers who offer end-to-end solutions to the jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers with continuous and consistent quality control with highly trained team.

The Introduction of 3D printed direct casting master models in jewelry industry was highly distinctive move for Alsayyed which revolutionized how jewelry is made. And its strong distribution network has allowed it to have explored markets of 40 countries and many more to go.

We strive to meet the expectations of our valuable clients from different cultures and regions in order to keep up with the creative, precise, and fashionable designs.

The company warmly welcomes its potential business partners from all over the world to do business with us!

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Business Model

Our business model is based on creative design solutions and customers’ needs. We identify customers’ taste and deliver the desired designs created by our professional team. We are actively expanding our collections of trendy and unique designs.



To be the ultimate House of creative and luxurious jewelry designs that defines desire and style, now and forever


We inspire jewelers with our creative designs to support them focus on what they do best, crafting and trading